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Though it sounds silly, one reason users find the Windows 10 search bar is not working is that the OS forgot to make the service run at startup. This can persist across boots unless you go in a.. Windows 10 - How to fix start menu search not working Friday, 14 July 2017 by Adrian Gordon. Last updated: Thursday, 6 February 2020. Problem. When attempting to search for items in the Windows 10 start menu - no results are shown. This happens whether you're searching for files, programs or Windows 10 features You can restart Windows search service via Services panel. Launch Run prompt by pressing Windows key + R. Type services.msc and hit Enter. Find a process called Windows Search. Right-click it and choose Restart

Windows 10 Search Not Working? Here's How to Fix It

  1. On February 5, 2020, many users noticed that search from the taskbar or Start menu did not work on Windows 10 1909 and 1903. When you click the Search icon or type something in Start menu, it shows a blank search window. Most likely the cause of the problem is the inaccessibility of the Bing cloud search services
  2. For Search to work properly in Windows 10, you need to make sure the Windows Search service is working actively. To do that, open Run by hitting the Windows and R key on your keyboard at the same time. After that, type in services.msc and the Services dialog should open. From there, scroll down and find the Windows Search service
  3. The Windows 10 Start menu search function lets you instantly search your PC and internet with a quick press of the Windows key, so if it stops working it can..
  4. istrator, and perform the command below
  5. When the Services window appears, scroll down the list of services to find Windows Search. If it's already running, right-click it or tap and hold, then select Restart. Alternatively, if it's disabled or has a blank Status, right-click or tap and hold, then select Start . Rebuild the Windows 10 search indexing options
  6. Windows 10 Start button and search not working in windows 10 on quite a few computers If you don't, Windows 10 will indicate some files are in use and cannot be modified or the command will be non-responsive. Restart your computer after disconnecting from the Internet
  7. Regardin this, we are recommending you to restart your Windows 10. You need to right click on Start menu, choose Shut down or sign out and then choose Restart. Method 2: Check Windows Search service. One of the reason why Windows Search is not working is problem with Windows Search services, which you can solve by resetting or starting service

Windows 10 - How to fix start menu search not working

Fix Windows 10 Search Not Working Easily (2020 Guide

If this did not work try this video: Windows start menu search not working *BLANK* FIXED part 2: https://youtu.be/VJfM8Rz80qY Are you getting blank white sc.. One of these methods should help you to fix the Windows Search not working issue. Make sure that you perform each of the below-given steps exactly as required in the instructions in order to achieve the best results possible and get rid of the annoying problem. Fixing the Windows Search not working issue on Windows 10 Press the Windows key to open the Start Menu. Click on the power icon to open the power menu. Select Restart from the available options. The search issue should likely be gone when your computer boots back up The easiest way to fix Windows 10 search problems is by using the built-in troubleshooter. To launch the troubleshooter, open up the Settings app (click the Start menu and then the cog icon), then.. If you have tried the above and you still have issues, then this tip may help. If the Windows Start button is not working on Windows 10, and you cannot get the Run command to come up after clicking the Windows button, then press CTRL+ALT+DEL to access the Task Manager. Then: Click on File at the top left of the task manager

Start Menu and Taskbar Search Not Working in Windows 10

Now, you can search files again to see if File Explorer search not working is fixed. Fix 2: Make Sure Windows Search Service Is Enabled. The problem might appear if the Windows Search service is disabled. So, you need to make sure the service is enabled and here's how to do it. Step 1: Press Windows + R to open Run window If all of the above-mentioned methods failed to fix the Windows 10 search not working issue, then the last remaining option is to reset the operating system. Make sure to back up important files before you reset Windows 10 because it will remove all files stored on Windows installation drive and desktop

Search not working in Windows 10? Here's how to fix it

For instance, the Windows 10 start menu not working is a common issue faced by lots of users. Thankfully, it can be easily fixed. In this post, we will teach you how to fix the Windows 10 start menu not working effortlessly. Part 1: How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu not Working. Fixing the Windows 10 Start menu not working is pretty easy If the Windows Search is not working, open the Search and Indexing Troubleshooter, restart File Explorer, and rebuild Search indexing. Editor's Note: This post was originally published in December 2019 and has been since revamped and updated in June 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness The Search menu on Windows 10 suddenly stopped working? Cannot type in the search box or Windows search not showing results, Here effective solutions to fix the problem. A number of users report. Quick tip: Because the Start menu and Windows Search will be broken, you'll need to use alternative methods to open the Settings app, including right-clicking the Start button and selecting the..

Find Windows Search and double click on it. Select Startup Type as Automatic (Delayed Start) or Automatic. Now, Click on OK. After doing it, Just right click on Windows Search and choose Restart Windows 10's Search feature has been hit with what appears to be some pretty widespread issues. If you've followed all the steps correctly, Windows Search should start working again CONFUSED Windows users are complaining that their computer search function has stopped working. The Windows Search feature on Windows 10 appears to be having issues around the world Start menu and windows search not working when signed on as local admin. I have tried the solutions mentioned in the link provided, but issue still persists. I will apply the latest GPO updates for Windows 10 as suggested by wheelsOh1 and let you know if that solves my problem

Windows 10 search bar not working after rebuilding index and tried everything. 1.1k points. 618 comments. 1 comment. share. save. hide. report. 99% Upvoted. This thread has been locked by the moderators of r/windows. New comments cannot be posted. Sort by. best. View discussions in 1 other community After the launch of windows 10, this is day 2 for me at the use of windows 10.. the start menu has seem to stop working, i can't even click the action center, check my wifi settings or even low or high down the volume in general but at least i can use the volume mixer The Windows TroubleShooter. It may not be able to fix all the issues, but it can often send you in the right direction. To get the help form, this tip follows the given steps. 1. Press Ctrl+I key to open windows 10 settings, select the Start button and then the cog icon. 2. Select Update and security. 3 Type in BingSearchEnabled Double click on BingSearchEnabled and set it to 0 and press OK. Do the same steps for CortanaConsent, if you don't see it, create a DWORD 32 bit, again set it to 0

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Windows 10 Start Menu Search Not Working? Here's the Fix

Out of desperation, I finally decided to re-install the software in the form of Start 10. That fixed the problem. Now everything works. At the same time, I upgraded my wife's machine from windows 7. No problems with the search function there (no Start 8), but The Windows 10 search functions offer almost no right click functionality Open file explorer (or right click on start menu, select run, type explorer). Right click on start menu, select task manager, look for windows explorer (should be right at the top) right click windows explorer, select restart and try clicking on your start menu after your screen refreshes. Not sure if it will work for you Re-registering (resetting and reinstalling) the Cortana app using the Windows PowerShell also helps solve the Start Menu and Cortana not working issue. This gives them (Start Menu and Cortana) a. If all the above was not helpful and your Windows 10 Start menu still not working, try adding a new user to the system. To do this: Open the command prompt; Type: net user username /add; Username can be any as per your choice. Hit enter; Now restart the system and log in with your new username. See if you can get hold of the start menu now

Method 1 Fix for Windows 10 Start Menu not Working First, try this very simply solution. While still logged on to Windows 10, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del (press the 3 keys in one go). A screen similar to the image below will load: Click Sign out. This will log you off your computer. Log back into your computer. Then click Windows 10 menu to see if. Why is: Windows 10 Start Menu not Working This issue is most common in newer builds of Windows 10. The reason why it occur is because most Windows 10 users have either upgraded from Windows 7, Windows 8 or from Windows 10's current build to a newer Windows 10 build which is pushed automatically The Start Menu is where everything is on Windows, so it can be quite frustrating if it suddenly stops working - and can make it near impossible to get anything done on your PC windows 10 2004 start menu search not working, Aug 26, 2016 · Hi we are runnng Server 2012r2 and used to run windows 8.1 and everything works fine.Now we have pgraded to windows 10 start menu doesnt work neither does the search box in the Windows 10 start menu and search not working for domain users

The Windows 10 File Explorer Search not working issue could be due to a bug in the Windows OS build installed on your computer. Update your PC to the latest Windows 10 build to fix the issue In addition, user can just start searching by simply typing in Start Menu or Start Screen, or by speaking into the Mic when the Cortana, the voice-controlled intelligent digital personal assistant, is enabled and integrated with the search. However, Windows 10 Search may not be working 100% perfectly all the time

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Windows 10 Search Not Working? Try these solutions to get

Tip: Above are all the solutions to resolve Windows 10 start menu not working issue we can suggest. Hope they are helpful and you will never take the last one. But if all of them not work, you may consider a complete reinstall of Windows.And, if any of the solutions get your PC messed up, you can use the backup copy made by MiniTool Partition Wizard to go back to the previous Windows As I mentioned above: when the windows 10 start menu stops working, it is usually because of a corrupt user profile, or user profile setting. Oftentimes this can be fixed if you can reset the profile setting, which happens to be located in the user profile Tile Data Layer database folder. The steps below explain how to just that If you're not on Windows 10 1903, the Start menu, Search, and Cortana are still tightly integrated with each other which is why deleting files related to Cortana might solve the problem. Open Command Prompt with admin rights and run the following commands, one after the other Find the Windows Explorer process. Right click on Windows Explorer and end this process after ending this you will see that Windows explorer disappear and will appear again. It means that Windows Explorer process is just restarted. And it will solve your problem of Taskbar not working in Windows 10 The search in Windows 10 returns local files, programs and settings but also web results by default. While that may be useful to some users of the operating system, it is irritating or useless for others. Since most web results are generic search suggestions, it is just a faster way of running searches instead of getting results directly displayed in the interface

If Windows 10 Search is Broken, Here's How to Fix I

Wish this was a simple fix, but as this linked thread shows, this is not: Taskbar/Start button not working! - Windows 10 Forums . All I can suggest is that you work through that thread and hopefully, one of the fixes will work. Good Luck I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP Solution 1: Reboot your System The easiest method to fix Start button not working Windows 10 is by rebooting the system for once. This is the highly used method in order to fix any minor or common methods in Windows Operating System. To fix this issue, just restart your system by pressing the Power button RE: Start button Win10 not working The correct reason for this issue changes on various mixes of PC situations, yet there are for sure arrangements that will enable you to settle your windows 10 start menu not working issue before Microsoft reveals a perpetual arrangement

Aug 30, 2019 · Find Windows Search and double click on it. Select Startup Type as Automatic (Delayed Start) or Automatic. Now, Click on OK. After doing it, Just right click on Windows Search and choose Restart. Now, Try to search anything from taskbar search or cortana. It should solve the problem cortana and taskbar search not working problem Overview of Startup Repair not working in Windows 10. Windows 10 has its own repair tools, and Startup Repair is the frequently-used one. You can use Startup Repair to scan and repair some PC issues like damaged/corrupted system files or invalid boot files Start Menu not working or showing up? Many Windows 10 users faced the issue that Start Menu is not opening when clicking the Start button or pressing the Windows key on the keyboard. Luckily there are simple ways to solve this problem and in this tutorial we'll show you 3 ways to get Start Menu back to work as expected This is a huge mess and something that the Windows team needs to prioritize as Windows 10 becomes pretty difficult to use without a working Start Menu or search functionality. Related Articles

I upgraded my Dell Optiplex Desktop to Windows 10 couple of months back after reading positive reviews about Windows 10. However, my experience hasn't been very pleasant at all so far. 1)Without me doing any major changes to my PC (no new programmes installed or uninstalled), suddenly the Start Menu, Cortana and Notification Menu has stopped working The program may replace the Windows 10 Start Menu with a classic copy that resembles the Windows 7 start menu, and provides you with a search alternative as well. If you just want the fastest search possible, and only need file searches, try a free third-party search program such as Everything or UltraSearch To quickly resolve «Cortana not working properly on Windows 10» issue, use a safe FREE tool developed by the Auslogics team of experts. The app contains no malware and is designed specifically for the problem described in this article. Just download and run it on your PC On The Second scenario if the keyboard input not working while type something on Start menu search, Cortana or Edge browser bar then this may causing the App not working, System not responding etc. To Deal Issues like First, We need to optimize System performance. And fix or repair the Windows 10 Start menu, Cortana App or edge browser

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A possible reason why the Windows 10 taskbar is not working is because there are certain apps that launch at the start of your computer and interfere with the workings of the taskbar. If you think this could be a possible reason for the issue, you can go ahead and get those apps disabled from being launched at the startup of your computer In Outlook 2016 (running in Windows 10): - Click on File : Options : Search - Click on Indexing Options - Select Microsoft Outlook from the included locations list and then click on Advanced - Click on the File Types tab within the Advanced Option Form - Scroll down the list of file extensions till you find extension PS

Windows 10 "Invalid Value for Registry" error - Fix - YouTube

The easiest method to fix Windows 10 Start menu not working is to enter Safe mode and then back to normal mode. Step 1. Press the Windows + R key. The Run dialogue should pop up. Step 2. Type msconfig in the box, then hit Enter. The System Configuration window will automatically open 2. Download Windows 10 drivers. In certain cases, it has been found out that if you have got any incompatible or outdated device drivers within your system, you may face taskbar broken issue, wherein, Windows 10 taskbar might not be working in your hand How to fix left-click of Start Menu, taskbar icons, and search bar in Windows 10 This problem is affecting ***ALL USERS*** on a new computer I'm setting up in a corporate environment. I thought I'd share my experience in detail in case anyone else is looking for some specific keywords

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Windows 10 Start button and search not working in windows

Causes of Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working . The Windows 10 Start menu may stop working for a variety of reasons, including an incomplete operating system update, an update bug, corrupted system files, or corrupted user-account files [Fix] Microsoft Edge Legacy Shortcut Not Working in Windows 10 Start Menu - Last updated on February 13, 2020 by VG. SUMMARY: If you restored old legacy Microsoft Edge browser after installing new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 and now Microsoft Edge Legacy shortcut present in Start Menu has stopped working and not launching old Microsoft Edge browser, this tutorial will help you.

Fix: Windows 10 Search Not Working - Appuals

start and search buttons are not working in windows 10 how can I solv Case 2 - Start Menu not working Method 1 - Log out and then Log in again. This is the simplest method for start menu not working, If your start menu disappears often you can log out as a user and again log in. It will restore the start menu for you. STEP 1 - Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete together and choose sign out from the options How to Fix Your Keyboard Not Working in Windows 10 It's easy to see how one of the worst things that can happen to a computer user is a keyboard issue. Keyboards are needed to do just about everything on PC or laptop, as they allow you to input information, communicate, and run commands

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Windows 10 Start Menu search not working - Many users reported that the Search option in Start Menu isn't working. If that's the case, be sure to check your firewall and ensure that it's not blocking Cortana. Windows 10 Search bar doesn't work - This is another problem that can occur with Windows search. If you're affected by this issue, simply reinstall all Universal applications and check if that helps Windows 10 Search Not Working. Cortana may not always be the issue when Windows 10 search is not working. There are a few more solutions that can be tested out before giving up. Believe it or not Windows 10 Search not working is a common problem with PC users, and there are a plethora of solutions to try Microsoft today acknowledged an issue with this month's Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10 version 1903 that breaks the Start Menu and causes issues with the desktop search functionality [Fix] Search Results Showing No Results in Windows 10 Settings Step 1: Check if Windows Search Service is Running Press WinKey + R, type services.msc and press ENTER Double-click Windows Search and set its start type to Automati Another thing you can try doing is ending the Search UI process in Task Manager, then restarting your computer. Press Windows key + X, click Task Manager, Processes tab, select Search then click..

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How to fix search problems in Windows 10 Windows Centra

windows 10 1903 start menu not working fix, 2) Windows Search Service. For Search to work properly in Windows 10, you need to make sure the Windows Search service is working actively. To do that, open Run by hitting the Windows and R key on your keyboard at the same time. After that, type in services.msc and the Services dialog should open Taskbar/Start Button on Windows 10 Is Not Working I have Windows 10, it was working great since upgraded. Today I turn it on and now when I click the Start button or Windows key, the mouse just looks like it is loading, the taskbar flashes, and nothing comes up. I'm not able to use the search bar, and I can't right click apps pinned to the. If you upgraded or installed the latest Windows 10 feature update which is May 2020 Update version 2004 (build 19041) in your computer and Start Menu is not working, this article will help you in fixing the issue. Many readers who upgraded to Windows 10 version 2004, reported that Start Menu stopped working in the new Windows 10 feature update. 7] This post will help you if Windows 10 Start Menu Tile Database is corrupt. If Cortana or Taskbar search is not working , open Task Manager > File menu > Run new task When you use Windows 10's new search feature, and especially if you use Cortana, your searches are automatically sent through Microsoft's Bing search engine -- whether you're searching for an.

How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Search Not Working

The Search menu on my Windows 10 suddenly stopped working. When I click the Search icon or type something in the Start menu, it just shows a blank search window. The issue you describe was a known issue, on February 5th, 2020, and confirmed and fixed by Microsoft. We are aware of a temporary server-side issue causing Windows search to show a. The only alternative to bring up the Start menu or Start screen is by using Ctrl + Escape keyboard shortcut. Here's a workaround to make the Start button works and responding again. Note that the trick do not actually fix the underlying issues, if any, related to Start button, but merely make it usable again without having to restart the device Windows 10 Alt-tab, Win-R, Start Menu Search, File explorer, Run.exe Issues. 0: Jul 4, 2016: Start button & search box not working, file explorer crashing. 2: May 5, 2016: Windows Search (Cortana) not working properly with Start Menu: 0: Aug 22, 2015: windows 10 search and start ment now working: 0: Aug 6, 2015: Start menu and search bar not. 6. Enable the Windows logo key via Windows Registry. Reportedly, 'WinKey not working (Windows 10)' is often resolved through this registry tweak. Here is what you should do: Right-click on your Start menu icon and opt for Run. Type 'regedit' without quotes to launch Registry Editor

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For an easy way to solve the Windows 10 startup folder not working error, here is another quick method. Follow the steps below. Open the Windows search bar and type regedit Alternatively, press CTRL+R to bring up the Run dialogue box and type regedit Hit Enter to open Registry Editor for Windows 10 If Search Indexing option or Indexer is not working or running properly or will not start in Windows 10/8/7, then read this troubleshooting post to fix the problem If the newly designed Windows 10 Start menu is not properly working for your device too, here are a few ways you can try to fix the issues. These quick workarounds also help in fixing Cortana.

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