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Fascinace. Ke slovu fascinace evidujeme 4 synonym. Synonyma k fascinace: oslnění, okouzlení, omámen FASCINATE 'FASCINATE' is a 9 letter word starting with F and ending with E Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for FASCINATE We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word fascinate will help you to finish your crossword today. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. 3 letter words WO vložil uživatel prof.PhDr.Rudolf Kohoutek,CSc. a ověřil editor Význam: oslňovat, přitahovat, uchvacovat,silně zajíma Trending Searches negative-impact creative white-person define denouement diversity gujarati out-of-the-box thinking for-the-first-time good filipino availability self-winding focus know-it-all develop online cohesiveness help important delimitation deep-understanding ever-changing sanskrit happy fulfilment homophobic bitterswee Some common synonyms of fascinate are allure, attract, captivate, charm, and enchant. While all these words mean to draw another by exerting a powerful influence, fascinate suggests a magical influence and tends to stress the ineffectiveness of attempts to resist. a story that continues to fascinate childre

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  1. The word sinister is Latin for left, because left-handed people were often thought of as suspicious, evil, or demonic. A pangram is one sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet, for example: the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
  2. Another word for fascinate: entrance, delight, charm, absorb, intrigue | Collins English Thesauru
  3. Synonyms for 'fascinate': inspire, attract, interest, motivate, excite, intrigue, enthuse, dazzle, fire someone with enthusias
  4. Inflections of 'fascinate' (v): (⇒ conjugate) fascinates v 3rd person singular fascinating v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, a singing bird, It is singing. fascinated v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, He saw the man. She laughed. fascinated v past p verb, past participle: Verb form used.

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  1. Fascinated: as in captivated, entranced. Synonyms: bewitched, captivated, charmed Antonyms: cool, detached, unenchanted Find the right word
  2. fascinate synonyms and antonyms in the English synonyms dictionary, see also 'fascinated',fascinating',fascination',fantasize', definition. Understand fascinate meaning and enrich your vocabular
  3. Définition of fascinate Origin : 1590s, bewitch, enchant, from Middle French fasciner (14c.), from Latin fascinatus, past participle of fascinare bewitch, enchant, fascinate, from fascinus spell, witchcraft, of uncertain origin. Possibly from Greek baskanos bewitcher, sorcerer, with form influenced by Latin fari speak (see fame (n.)).; The Greek word might be from a Thracian.
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  5. Czech: ·fascination Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionar

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  1. Fascinate definition, to attract and hold attentively by a unique power, personal charm, unusual nature, or some other special quality; enthrall: a vivacity that fascinated the audience. See more
  2. Synonyms for fascinator in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for fascinator. 55 synonyms for fascinate: entrance, delight, charm, absorb, intrigue, enchant, rivet, captivate.
  3. Synonyms and other words related to fascinate: Meet your meter: The Restrict to meter strip above will show you the related words that match a particular kind of metrical foot. Meter is denoted as a sequence of x and / symbols, where x represents an unstressed syllable and / represents a stressed syllable
  4. Finn synonymer til fascinerende og andre relaterte ord. Gratis norsk synonymordbok på nett
  5. interest - WordReference thesaurus: synonyms, discussion and more. All Free

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Přečtěte si o tématu Synonymum. Abychom vám usnadnili vyhledávání zajímavého obsahu, připravili jsme seznam článků souvisejících s tématem Synonymum, které hledáte. Najdete zde články, fotografie i videa k tématu Synonymum fascinate. v. To evoke an intense interest or attraction in someone. v. To make someone hold motionless; to spellbind. v. To be irresistibly charming or attractive to. appeal. v. (transitive, obsolete) To accuse (someone of something). v. (transitive, law, chiefly US, informal elsewhere) To apply for the removal of a cause from an inferior v

Synonyms for fascinate include absorb, enchant, enthral, beguile, bewitch, captivate, engross, intrigue, charm and entrance. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com Synonyms. allure beguile bewitch captivate enchant charm kill magnetize wile witch. Definitions in English. v. 1. to attract and interest you very strongly . 2. to make somebody or something unable to move, especially out of fear . Other Forms. pt. fascinated. English words containing fascinate,. Fascinate synonyms. Top fascinate synonyms (related to entertain) are score, please and cheer Fascinate synonyms | phrases Phrases with similar meaning for Fascinate. hold spellbound . fascinate and hold spellbound. strike dumb . fascinate and strike dumb. tickle pink . fascinate and tickle pink. knock dead . fascinate and knock dead. keep busy . fascinate and keep busy. put under a spel

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charm, bewitch, enchant, captivate, allure, *attract Analogous words: influence, impress, *affect, sway, strike, touch: delight, rejoice, gladden, *pleas English synonyms, antonyms, sound-alike, and rhyming words for 'fascinate fascinate: fascinate; intrigue; captivate; enchant; enthral; enthrall; charm; delight; allure; gladden; brighten; cheer; ravish; make happy; grip; spellbind; transfix; enchant; fascinate; infatuate; char

On this page you will find all the synonyms for the word to fascinate. Synonyms for fascinate - captivate, bewitch, mesmerize, charm, admire and others This page shows answers to the clue Fascinate, followed by 4 definitions like To render motionless , To attract or hold motionless and To influence in an uncontrollable manner . Synonyms for Fascinate are for example allure, engross and grip. More synonyms can be found below the puzzle answers Definitions of fascinate, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of fascinate, analogical dictionary of fascinate (English Synonyms for fascinator in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for fascinator. 55 synonyms for fascinate: entrance, delight, charm, absorb, intrigue, enchant, rivet, captivate, enthral, beguile, allure, bewitch, ravish, transfix, mesmerize Definition of fascinate. Free online Dictionary including thesaurus, children's and intermediate dictionary by Wordsmyth

fascinate synonyms - English related words for fascinate Woxikon / Synonyms / English / F / fascinate EN Synonyms for fascinate. Found 104 synonyms in 14 groups 1 Meaning: captivate. enamour bewitch please enthrall entice charm enchant fascinate inflame. Search i can't take it anymore and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. You can complete the list of synonyms of i can't take it anymore given by the English Thesaurus dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster.. Synonyms and related words: absorb, absorb the attention, affect, affect the interest, allure, appeal, arrest, attract, becharm, beguile, bewitch, captivate, carry.

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the capacity to attract intense interest 1. he held the children spellbound with magic tricks and other fascinations 1; a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual 1; the state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror) 'Microcosms fascinate me, captivate me and draw me to their limited but complete spaces.' 'Weather has always fascinated me, so this movie is my wildest dream come true.' 'A certain type of film has always excited and fascinated me and I can watch them over and over again. Nouns for fascinate include fascination, fascinations, fascinator and fascinators. Find more words at wordhippo.com Co znamená sloveso paralyzovat? Význam slova paralyzovat ve slovníku cizích slov včetně překladů do angličtiny, nemčiny, francouzštiny, italštiny, španělštiny a polštiny Synonyms for fascinate in Englisch including definitions, and related words

Synonyms story: attract. Enchant . Fascinate. Enslave . Enthral. Captivate. Infatuate. Enamour. Hypnotize. Mesmerize. Entrance. Beguile . Entrap. Seduce. Allure. [ fæsɪneɪt] 1. v. ดึงดูด [ deung dūt] ตรึงใจ ตรึงตรา ยวนใจ [ yūan jai fascinate synonymes. Meilleurs fascinate synonymes (relatif à enchant) sont charm, take et draw fas•ci•nate [[t]ˈfæs əˌneɪt[/t]] v. nat•ed, nat•ing 1) to attract and hold attentively or immovably by a unique power or some unusual or special quality; enthrall; spellbind; transfix 2) to arouse the interest or curiosity of; allure: Ancien Translations in context of fascinate in English-Arabic from Reverso Context: Something tells me my origin story isn't enough to fascinate you

Synonyms and other words related to fascinate: Meet your meter: The Restrict to meter strip above will show you the related words that match a particular kind of metrical foot. Meter is represented as a sequence of x and / symbols, where x represents an unstressed syllable and / represents a stressed syllable Trending Searches negative-impact white-person challenge focus creative jetsam nuance for-the-first-time gujarati antonym deep-understanding mental-health out-of-the-box thinking technology sovereignty good help positivity online develop homophobic availability define intervention cohesiveness know-it-all happy guarantee experience vulnerability ever-changing great preemptive solutio Fascinace smrtí 21.03.2011 Memento mori, pamatuj na to, že zemřeš - takový vzkaz nesou už antické fresky z předkřesťanské doby a bývá tak označován i umělecký styl, jehož hlavní myšlenkou je konec života člověka fascinate synonymes. Meilleur synonyme de fascinate (autre terme pour fascinate) sont captivate, charm et bewitch Hindu Newspaper Vocab, Bank PO Vocab, CAT Vocab, GATE Vocab, GMAT Vocab, GRE Vocab, SSC Vocab, UPSC Vocab - Word Meaning in Hindi with Picture, Video & Memory Trick

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Toppers and experts suggest aspirants to read The Hindu Editorial section and note down the Important vocabulary to enhance It.. In this article we are going to provide you 2000+ The Hindu Vocabulary PDF with list of difficult worlds from The Hindu Editorials PDF of last three years i.e 2016, 2017 and 2018.. This PDF will be a panacea for your English Vocabulary section like synonyms, antonyms. Definition and synonyms of fascinated from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of fascinated.View American English definition of fascinated.. Change your default dictionary to American English Define bewitch. bewitch synonyms, bewitch pronunciation, bewitch translation, English dictionary definition of bewitch. tr.v. be·witched , be·witch·ing , be·witch·es 1. To place under one's power by magic; cast a spell over

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fascinate From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English fascinate fas‧ci‧nate / ˈfæsəneɪt / verb [ transitive ] INTERESTED if someone or something fascinates you, you are attracted to them and think they are extremely interesting The idea of travelling through time fascinated him fascinate (v.) 1590s, bewitch, enchant, from French fasciner (14c.), from Latin fascinatus, past participle of fascinare bewitch, enchant, fascinate, from fascinus a charm, enchantment, spell, witchcraft, which is of uncertain origin. Earliest used of witches and of serpents, who were said to be able to cast a spell by a look that rendered one unable to move or resist

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Jóga je synonymum pro sjednocení, spojení, rovnováhu a vyváženost. Je známé po celém světě a užívá se v mnoha významech. Jóga označuje filozofii, duchovní nauku či náboženství, používá se pro tělesná a duchovní cvičení. Rozumí se pod ním určitý způsob života This list contains Germanic elements of the English language which have a close corresponding Latinate form. The correspondence is semantic—in most cases these words are not cognates, but in some cases they are doublets, i.e., ultimately derived from the same root, generally Proto-Indo-European, as in cow and beef, both ultimately from PIE *gʷōus.. The meanings of these words do not always. fascinatedly, adv. fascinative, adj. /fas euh nayt /, v., fascinated, fascinating. v.t. 1. to attract and hold attentively by a unique power, personal charm, unusual. Add to Word List. The ability to create word lists is available full members. Login or sign up now! to use this feature

Translations in context of fascinate in English-German from Reverso Context: In addition, there are many interesting, typical itrian stone houses that will fascinate you Find fascinate synonyms list of more than 53 words on Pasttenses thesaurus. It conatins accurate other and similar related words for fascinate in English Synonyms for fascinate ˈfæs əˌneɪt This thesaurus page is about all possible synonyms, equivalent, same meaning and similar words for the term fascinate. Princeton's WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate these synonyms: intrigue, fascinate (verb) cause to be interested or curious. Synonyms Meaning of fascinate. fascinate synonyms, pronunciation, spelling and more from Free Dictionary. Search Result for fascinate: Wordnet 3.0. VERB (3) 1. cause to be interested or curious; [syn: intrigue, fascinate] 2 The synonym fascinate synonymous definition words: subdue, enslave, seduce, entice, ensnare, tempt, titillate, stimulate Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies

fascinate Synonyme. Top fascinate Synonyme (verbunden mit enchant) sind charm, take und draw fascinate Synonyme. Top fascinate Synonyme (Verbs verbunden mit mesmerize) sind attract, charm und entrance The word fascinate comes from a Latin word meaning spell or witchcraft. Week in Words. It is interesting that the root of the word 'fascinate' comes from the French, 'fasciner' meaning to entrance or charm, as in witchcraft, while our modern usage of the term still relates to the meaning, to be bewitched or held spell bound. All Hallows Ev capture, enamour, trance, catch, becharm, enamor, captivate, beguile, charm, fascinate, bewitch, entrance, enchant (verb) attract; cause to be enamored She captured all the men's heart Conjugate the English verb fascinate: indicative, past tense, participle, present perfect, gerund, conjugation models and irregular verbs. Translate fascinate in context, with examples of use and definition

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v 1) зачаровувати; приводити в захоплення; полонити 2) справляти гіпнотичний вплив; гіпнотизувати поглядом 3) заворожувати * * * [ fʒsineit] v 1) очаровувати, викликати захват, полонити; захоплювати, викликати гострий або. fascinate Meaning & Synonyms. What does fascinate mean? What is another word for fascinate? List of Alternate Words & Synonyms of fascinate. Meaning of fascinate with usage examples

transitive verb fesseln; faszinieren (geh.) it fascinates me how ich finde es faszinierend, wie * * * [ fæsineit] verb (to charm; to attract or interest very strongly: She was fascinated by the strange clothes and customs of the countr fascinate with. 1. v. พึงใจ [-pheung-jai] Lewis & Short latin dictionary. 2014. fascinate; fascinated; Look at other dictionaries: fascinate. Synonyms and Antonyms form an important part of competitive exams. Candidates frequently face questions related to synonyms and antonyms in the English language section of various Government exams such as SSC, RRB, Bank, IBPS and more.. Candidates tend to lose marks in the English section if their vocabulary is not up to the mark I (Roget s IV) v. Syn. charm, entrance, captivate, enthrall, intrigue, interest, enchant, bewitch, ravish, enrapture, beguile, delight, overpower, subdue, enslave.

fascinate sinónimos. Mejores sinónimos de fascinate (relacionado con attract) son please, delight y charm English synonyms about - contact . or browse at random. fascinate as a verb: 1; 2; 3; jump to corresponding sense entry. jump to corresponding sense entry. jump to corresponding sense entry. fascinate. verb. 1 fascinate . Cause to be interested or curious. synonym: intrigue fas∙cin∙ate verb • to attract or interest sb very much • 深深吸引;迷住: [VN] »China has always fascinated me. 中国一直令我心驰神往。 »It. Fascinate 同义词. fascinate的顶级同义词(fascinate的其他单词) are captivate, charm and bewitch

fascinate sinónimos. Mejores sinónimos de fascinate (relacionado con draw) son bring, pull y engage fascinate : German - English translations and synonyms (BEOLINGUS Online dictionary, TU Chemnitz fascinate; bewitch; entrance; enchant; accumulate; ache; acquire; amass; appeal; attach; attract; board; catch fire; change; check; clutch; collect; combust; compile; comprehend; conflagrate; contain; contract; control; curb; delay; detain; discover; draw; draw in; erupt; find; find out; get a line; get on; get wind; get word; hear; hit; hoard; hold; hold in; hold up; hurt; ignite; learn; moderate; perceive; pile up; play; prehend; propagate; pul

1 people chose this as the best definition of fascinate: To fascinate is defined a... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples fascinate v.tr. 1 capture the interest of; attract irresistibly. 2 (esp. of a snake) paralyse (a victim) with fear.Derivatives: fascinated adj. fascinating adj. fascinatingly adv. fascination n. fascinator n [c]/ˈfæsəneɪt / (say fasuhnayt) verb (fascinated, fascinating) -verb (t) 1. to attract and hold irresistibly by delightful qualities. 2. to deprive of the power of resistance or movement, as through terror: *As weak and fascinated as a bir We've got 273 rhyming words for fascinate » What rhymes with fascinate? This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like fascinate.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses

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