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shes like the wind překlad Nahoru Zobrazit příspěvky za předchozí: Všechny příspěvky 1 den 7 dní 2 týdny 1 měsíc 3 měsíce 6 měsíců 1 rok Seřadit podle Autor Čas odeslání Předmět Vzestupně Sestupn OST Dirty Dancing (Hříšný tanec) 4 - She's Like the Wind český překlad . Ona je jako vítr, prohánějící se mým stromem Jeden nocí vedle mě Vede mě měsíčním svitem Jen proto, aby mne spálila na slunci Vzala si mé srdce Ale neví, co udělala Cítím její dech na mé tvář She's like the wind Feel your breath on my face You´re body close to me Can't look in your eyes You're out of my league Just a fool to believe (Just a fool to believe) She's like the wind (Just a fool to believe) Just a fool to believe (She's like the wind) Just a fool to believe (Just a fool to believe) She's like the wind She's Like the Wind Lyrics: She's like the wind / Through my tree / She rides the night next to me / She leads me through moonlight / Only to burn me with the sun / She's taken my heart / But she.

no copyright infringement intendedArtist: Patrick SwayzeSong: She's Like the WindShe's like the wind through my tree She rides the night next to me She leads.. Patrick Swayxe fremfører Shes like the wind på Rockefeller i Oslo, i 1987. Vi får også et intervju om Dirty Dancing og musikken hans. Programleder er Rune. She's like the wind, through my tree She rides the night, next to me She leads me through moonlight Only to burn me with the sun She's taken my heart She doesn't know what she's done Feel her breath on my face Her body close to me Can't look in her eyes She's out of my league Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs She's like the wind She's like the wind through my tree She rides the night next to me She leads me through moonlight Only to burn me with the sun She's taken my heart She doesn't know what she's done Je jako vítr v mém stromě V noci se vznáší vedle mě Vede mě měsíčním svitem Jen aby mě spálila sluncem Vzala mi mé srdce ani neví, co udělal

She's Like the Wind - PísněČesky

  1. She's Like the Wind is a 1987 song by Patrick Swayze from the soundtrack to the film Dirty Dancing. The song is credited as being performed by 'Patrick Swayze featuring Wendy Fraser'; Swayze is the primary vocalist throughout the song. The ballad reached number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Adult Contemporary chart
  2. Intro She's like the wind through my tree she rides the night next to me She leads me through moonlight only to burn me with the sun She's taken my heart, but she doesn't know what she's done I Feel her breath on my face, her body close to me Can't look in her eyes, she's out of my league Just a fool to believe, I have anything she needs She's like the wind I look in the mirror and all I see.
  3. Intro: (C Em) x2 C Em C Em She's like the wind through my tree she rides the night next to me C Em She leads me through moonlight only to burn me with the sun C Em She's taken my heart but she doesn't know what she's done Am Bm Feel her breath on my face her body close to me Am Bm d Can't look in her eyes she's out of my league G D/F# Em D C Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs she.
  4. Překlad Písně - She´s Like The Wind - Vibekingz Překlad Písně - She´s Like The Wind - Vibekingz Videoklip k Písni - She´s Like The Wind - Vibekingz Videoklip k Písni - She´s Like The Wind - Vibekingz Karaoke k.
  5. She's like the wind I worry bout her Whenever I call My lover, my friend She's like the wind Can I catch ya, breezy She's nice and easy She knows how to please me Only you (2x) {Rapping:} [K-Young:] I gotta keep it real [Chorus:] Gotta keep it real The way she makes me feel I need her again She's like the wind I worry bout her Whenever I call.

Oye Baby I Been Around Yo Se That You Like How I Wear My Crown Yo Se Que Im Somethin Thats So Profound So Far Lo Que Oigo Look I Like The Sound Todo El Mundo Is Talkin About It Tu Y Yo Pa' Why Would You Doubt It Your Palms Are Sweaty And Your Heart Starts Poundin Eso Es Lo Que Siente Tell Me About I She's like wind, Through my dream, She rides the night, Next to me, She leads me through moonlight, Only to burn me with the sun, She's taken my heart, She doesn't know what she's done, Feel her breath in my face, Her body close to me, Can't look in her eyes, She's out of my league, Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs, She's like. She's like The Wind (1987) Předchozí. Všechna alba. Následující. Seznam skladeb: video text překlad karaoke She's like The Wind. The Time Of My Life. Raising Heaven. Líbí Nelíbí. vanout: realize/know which way the wind is blowing zjistit/vědět odkud vítr vane. zahrávat si: be playing with fire, sail close to the wind zahrávat si s ohněm. závod: like the wind s větrem o závod. žluč: anger sb, ruffle sb's feathers, make sb's blood boil, BrE slang. wind sb up hnout komu žluč

Patrick Swayze - She's Like The Wind - text, preklad


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  1. Foto:fotojarinko.rajce.net KARVINÁKatastrofa roku.Tak le-tošní uzavření mostu přes řeku Olši komentuje tisková mluvčí Šár-ka Swiderová. Dnes tam auta jezdí ve dvou pruzích, od dubna pojedou v jed-nom na semafory a od května do září bude most zcela uzavřený, sdělila mluvčí
  2. (fakt to řekl) - After lifetime shes being sweet like a pie - Ninethy six a v překladu je 98, přestože to před chvíli ještě zmínili (bud je to překlep, nebo si ze mě nědko dělá srandu. nebo z nás) - Its crazy if you think about the change they saw
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She's Like the Wind česky - Dirty Dancing (Hříšný tanec

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